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Sunday Sunday   starts   with   prayer.   Without   that   connection   with   God,   we’d   soon   be   lost!   So,   at   10   am   a   number   of   people   get together and bring it all to God. After that, the rest can happen. Morning Service 11:00   am   is   when   the   church   fellowship   gets   together   to   worship   the   Lord.   We   generally   start   off altogether   and   after   about   20   minutes,   the   young   people   go   to   their   own   classes. There’s   ‘Beginners’   for the   very   youngest   (even   babies   get   in   on   the   action!),   ‘Discoverers’   for   the   slightly   older children and ‘Explorers’ for those in double figures. The   service   lasts   a   little   over   one   hour.   Everyone   is   welcome.   There’s   a   wonderful   group of   musicians   who   lead   the   singing   and   various other       people take   part   at   other   times.   We   have   access   for   the disabled   and   a loop system for the hard of hearing. What are the services like? We   enjoy   a   real   mix   of   noisy   and   quiet;   formal and    casual;    contemporary    and    traditional.    The congregation   typically   contains   some   babies,   toddlers,   children,   teenagers,   young adults,   middle-agers   and   senior   members,   so   we   find   ourselves   responding   to different   backgrounds   and   needs   in   every   service.   That   means,   when   you   visit, you'll   probably   know   some   of   the   songs   but   not   all,   you'll   find   some   of   our   habits normal   and   maybe   some   will   seem   a   little   strange   (but   only   until   you   get   to   know   us better). After the service, we get together in the Hall for a cup of tea or coffee and a chat. Sometimes, we share lunch together too. We   don’t   have   a   regular   evening   service,   but   we   get   together   whenever   there’s   a   special   reason,   often   with   people   from other churches. Come along and join in the worship with us. It’ll be great to meet you!