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‘Telling Others’ by Liz Edwards, 16th February 2020. o Luke 5:17-26 & 33-39 ‘Follow Me’, by Liz Edwards, 9th February 2020 o Luke 5:1-11 & 27-32 ‘The Rising and Falling of Many’ by Liz Edwards, 5th January 2020 o Luke 2:22-38 ‘The Visitors’ by Liz Edwards (3 reflections in an All-age service), 29th December 2019 o Luke 2:8-20; Matthew 2:1-23 ‘Who is He - Son of Man’ by Liz Edwards, 8th December 2019 o Matthew 1:1-24 & Luke 19:1-10 ‘The Prophetic Voice’ by Liz Edwards, 24th November 2019 o 1 Corinthians 14:1 ‘Thinking Right’ by Liz Edwards, 10th November 2019 o Philippians 4:8-9 ‘Joy and Gentleness’ by Liz Edwards, 27th October 2019 o Philippians 4:2-5 ‘Stand Firm’ by Liz Edwards, 20th October 2019 o Philippians 3:12 - 4:1 ‘The Power of His Resurrection’ by Karen Lilley, 13th October 2019 o Philippians 3:1-11 ‘Reflections on the Story of Ruth’, by Seyi Olukole, Karen Lilley & Karen Hall, o 21st July 2019 o Ruth 1:1-18 & 2:1-10